2013 – The Recap

Hmmm, what did I do in 2013.  Quite a bit, actually.  Some a little personal, but most just general life-living.    In no particular order or level of importance, here goes:

Travel – did a buttload of it!  

  • Went back to Spain in March with my lady, to the same place we decided to make it official. Weather screwed us over on this trips, but you can’t have it all, every time.  
  • Made a couple of trips to London
  • Belgium to see a few breweries, and for a home get-together with a wife’s co-workers (so two trips, reall)
  • France for summer vacation with my wife, daughter and niece, on the Coast of Gold.  Can’t even remember the name of the town now, but the condo was right on the beach and the food and sites were awesome.  We did get to go to Grasse, which is the birthplace of French perfume.  The place where Fragonard and such are located.  Got my mom some cool gifts, since she loves little whatnots and such.  Overall, a very pricey, but enjoyable excursion!
  • Germany and back so many times I can’t keep up with it.  Since it’s right across the river though, no major deal there, but we did take a trip to Cologne to sample some Kolsch beer and…get my vasectomy reversed.  Yep, we’re trying to back a new pup!
  • Went back to the States for Thanksgiving and to visit the family unit in La.  Then we headed to Washington D.C. for a week and saw ALL the sites.  Natural Science Museum was a delightful little treat!  Love me some Burgess Shale!!!
  • Trier, Germany – looks like we need ‘assistance’ in the bun-baking endeavor…gonna go for in-vitro at a local clinic to get this problem resolved, once and for all!  Fuck me to tears, I’m gonna be a parent until I’m on social security…lol

That about sums up the adventures.  Got a new travel visa stamp in Munich, so I’m thinking that’ll help me get a job on base in Germany.  Here’s to hoping.

Be safe, and stay…skeptical!

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Happy New Year – DAMMIT!

Just a quick post to wish anyone who’s listening a great 2014! Hope the festivities of the past few weeks went well for you.
STILL looking for a job here in Luxembourg/Germany. It’s a complete bitch finding something with zero French language skills, but I’m still hunting, faithfully.
I also already have completed my ‘Good Deed for 2014’, so I can focus on me, me, me, and not feel like a complete enemy of the human race :) I closed out a teacher’s funding request to buy supplies for her music/art class back home in La. May not seem like much, but she was thrilled, and she understands the limited financial reserves I have currently. It wasn’t easy ponying up$300, but I know it’ll help a fairly large group of kids, and this particular teacher’s mother had just gotten out of the hospital from surgery, so she also benefitted from an unexpected bit of generosity. Don’t start calling me a humanist though, just yet… ;)
On the crappier hand, my child is causing me no end of grief. I hate that I’m not there in person for her, bu it’s impossible to do some things from 3xxx miles away. I suppose teen years are typically fraught with this sort of turmoil and bad/iffy/crappy/just plain stupid decisions and errors in judgement, but it really kills you as a parent to see your kid screwing up. Hopefully, she’ll work through it without ruining anything for good, and I guess I need to let her make her mistakes. Here’s hoping that she will LEARN from them!
Not sure if I’ll start blogging again on a regular basis. Just wanted to get some steam vented, and let the single-digit readers of my ramblings know that I’m still here and kicking!

On the blogging side, I haven’t seen much from HopeInTheSeen, but QuranifyMe and Surviving Religion seem to be churning along at a nice clip. Keep the Screaming Jesus Pickles and Butt Cancer coming, Guys. Wish you all the best anf good luck in whatever you are doing/intend to do – Bob Bless! (hardee har har…)

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General status update…

I’ve been here since 1 December 2012, and haven’t regretted the decision to move, at all.
My wife is, without a moment’s hesitation, the woman I want to be with for the rest of my life. We compliment each other in ways I’ve never had the pleasure of doing so before.  She is, going against my skeptic nature, my soul mate. We seem to have been meant to be.

Let me clarify a little, so that everyone understands. My wife is ‘spiritual’, and I’m an atheist of the full blown persuasion.
She thinks that our union was foretold, or pre-ordained, while I insist that we just got the lines plumbed at the approximate time ;)
She presumes that I will eventually see the error of my ways, but I maintain that we have a finite amount of time to enjoy each other and the things around us.
Let the chips fall…lol

Many new developments are in the pipeline, so stay tuned if you’re in the least interested in our situation. It will develop more complexity – guaranteed!

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Sad day…

Jeff Hanneman, co-founder of Slayer and kickass metal guitarist, died today from liver failure. Apparently, it was a complication from a spider bite.
RIP, Jeff.

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Move is complete – bring on the secularism!

I really need to clean up this blog, get organized, and now, I finally have the time.
Just arrived in country on 1 Dec, and we’ve been out and about around Lux and Germany, visiting friends/family and doing introductions. My soon-to-be in-laws seem very nice and welcoming – and great cooks! Venison goulash warmed my stomach and my cold little grinch heart.

I pick up my car on the 17th, so that’ll provide me with unlimited movement, as needed, and I won’t have to wait around for buses, or just kick around the village, as I have been. Lots of pictures ops though, so not a bad gig. Getting caught up on tons of blogs and podcasts with the new Samsung Note 2 phone (kickass piece of gear, I might ad – love it!)

Already sent one resume in to a friend-of-a-friend. I guess it does pay to be sociable and network LMAO. Also trying to get into a basic FRench course here, locally, but I’ve been placed on the waitlist from hell. Seems I’ll likely enter heaven before I can order cheese, reliably, in France… :/

More later, but that’s all for now. We fly to Denmark on the 20th and get married in Aeroeskoebing on the 21st. Honeymoon in Copenhagen follows! Should be a remarkable time. We are looking forward to having a blast as we move on into the future together.

Enjoy the pics if I haven’t F’d up the damned image gallery…

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Enjoy Memorial Day!

You can hate the policy/regime/current ideology, but you shouldn’t hate those who serve their country!
If you don’t like the strategy, vote in new leadership.

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Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

Thankfully, we did the traditional fish fry yesterday, so we can start the roadtrip back home at a decent hour.
I love visiting family – in small doses :-D

For the faithful, may your eggs be brightly colored, and your rabbits chocolate…enjoy.